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Updated: Sep 5

Ways of Seeing and the Way of Nature:

Contemplative Photography, Haiku and Deep Ecology

Tue & Thurs Oct 12/21 – Nov 18/21

Course Fee: $149 CAN

This program engages the contemplative arts of photography and haiku in a deep and detailed exploration of Nature. Haiku is an accessible short poetic form that includes a reference to Nature.

Both arts are experienced-based – working with direct perception and direct expression. We will explore manifestations of Nature such as flowers weeds, trees, landscape, animals, weather, the elements and so forth. The course includes presentations on Eastern Aesthetics drawn from the Zen and Daoist traditions. Also, we consider both the Western and Eastern teachings on Deep Ecology which articulate our place in the functioning of Nature and the Cosmos.

No poetic or photographic experience necessary but you need some version of a digital camera.

For registration and more information: or

Heaven and Earth: Contemplative Landscape Photography

Begins Sundays 3-5pm Est

Sept 19th,

Oct 10th, 17th, 31st

Nov 14th

Course fee: sliding scale $120 -$150 CAN

This course explores Landscape from an Eastern Art contemplation rather than the traditional Western Scenic perspective. This contemplative landscape photography gives emphasis to forms, space and stillness rather than the conventional landscape photography formats of dramatic effect. The course will include resource teachings from contemplative aesthetics, Daoism and Chinese landscape painting.

You will need a digital camera with a “long lens” (180 or more)

For registration and more information:

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